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Run Purchase List Report

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This document explains how to run Purchase List report. This report display purchase orders list sorted by Item Custom List.

Detail Steps

1. Open WMS.

2. Go to Reports > Purchases > Purchase Summary > By List Category.

3. Select Report Set (select *Default if no additional customisations done).

4. Select Supplier or *Show All.

5. Select Location or *Show All.

6. Select Item/s or *Show All.

7. Select Employee or *Show All.

8. Select Date range.

9. Select Date Type.

10. Select Purchase Type or *ALL Orders.

11. Select Priority or *Show All.

12. Select Approval or *Show All.

13. Select List#.

14. Select Report type.

15. Open Advanced Tab.

16. Select Customer, Receive Status, Invoice Ref#, Job Code and Referral Source.

17. Generate Report.

Summary report example:

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