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Open Analyse Sales Report by Lost Sales list

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This article explains how to open Analyse Sales Report by Lost Sales list. This report display cancelled Sale Orders and Items List.

Detail Steps

To turn On setting for Cancelled Sales:

  1. Login to WMS as superuser.

  2. Go to Tools > Preferences > Sales Tab.

  3. Tick the box below.

4. Record Preferences.

To access Report:

  1. Open WMS.

  2. Select Customer or *Show All.

3. Select Location or *Show All.

4. Select Item or *Show All.

5. Select Salesperson or *Show All.

6. Select Date range.

7. Select Date Type.

8. Select Job code.

9. Select Priority or *Show All.

10. Select Report Type: Summary or Detail.

11. Open Advanced Tab.

12. Select Supplier or *Show All.

13. Type Purchase order or *Show All.

14. Select Referral Source or *Show All.

15. Generate Report.

Example Report in Summary Type:

Example Report in Detail Type:

Related Information

If you encounter an issue running Report, please contact Datapel Support team.

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