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DIFOT Report

Opening DIFOT Report

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DIFOT stands for Delivery In Full On Time.

This report shows any order that was not delivered by the Promised Date.

WMS > Reports > Sales > Sales Summary > DIFOT Report



Workflow Options

Report Set: You can choose to either user 1 -4 or default
​Customer: You may choose to select individual customers or show all
​Location: You may choose to select individual locations or all
​Item: You may click on the search icon and it will open up the search window to optimize searches

Detail Steps

To access Report:

1.Open WMS.

2.Select Reports > Sales > Sales Summary > By Sales Person.

3.Select Report Set.

Workflow Restrictions

*Default is selected if no additional customisations are done

4. Select Customer or *Show All.

5.Select Location or *Show All.

6. Select Item or *Show All.

7.Select Salesperson or *Show All.

8.Select Date range.

9. Select Date Type.

Start Date : Start date (can choose which type of date in Date Type)
End Date : End date ((can choose which type of date in Date Type))

10. Select Sale type.

Sale Type : You may choose which sale type to report on

11. Select Priority or *Show All.

Priority : To choose priority of order

12. Select Approval or *Show All.

Approval : To select whether requires approval or not.

13. Select Report Type: Summary or Detail.
Report type: To choose between detailed or Summary

14. Open Advanced Tab.

15. Select Supplier or *Show All.

For Supplier you may click on the search icon to locate supplier

16. Select Pick Status or *Show All.

Pick Status : You may choose to report on which status.

17. Select Filter Status for: By Order or Line.

Filter status for : You may choose between order and line.

18. Select Purchase Order, Job Code, Referral Source, and Default Salesperson or

*Show All.

Purchase order : You may search for specific PO's

Job Code : To insert should you require only 1 specific job code.

Referral Source : You may choose a specific source or all of them.

Default salesperson : You may choose a specific sales person or all of them.

19. Generate Report.

Example Report in Summary Type:

Example Report in Detail Type:

Related Information

If encounter issue running Report please contact Datapel Support team.


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