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Use of Batch Serial Numbers in Receiving
Use of Batch Serial Numbers in Receiving

Purchasing order within batch management

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This document explains Purchase order batch management workflow.

Detail Steps

  1. In the receiving, if the "Use Batch Serial Nums by Line" is ticked, you will see a column in Receiving called "Batch Serial". This is to enter own serial numbers by manually or use the AUTO serial generated by system.

  2. If the batch serial is NOT ticked, then the Batch Serial column will not appear in Receiving and you have the selection using drop-down box to select serial number to be applied for all the items example using "PO as Batch serial ".

3. The setting to turn this on and off is in Tools > Preference > Barcodes.

Always Track Serial Numbers in Receiving.

On or Off

On = Asks Users to record a serial/batch number when receiving items

Steps to enter Batch Serial Number
1. Click in the Qty column to enter value then hit ENTER until cursor move the next column

2. While in Batch serial column, hit backspace to remove the tilde > hit ENTER to see AUTO# .

  • AUTO# is serial number generated by system using the format which is selected from the preference setting. Please refer below for the format settings of serial number .

  • If you need to enter your own preferred serial number, then remove the #AUTO and enter the new serial.

3. Check the settings in Preference > Inventory , choose the serial code format because this is what the system use to auto populate AUTO batch serial number in Receiving.

Example format output:

To enable batch serial number for individual item/product

  1. Go to Items List register.

  2. Select Item and Open Items Inventory Card.

  3. Open Settings Tab.

  4. Tick box for "This item is batch-serial number tracked".

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