Combining Batches

Combining stock batches/ adjustment method

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There are cases where batch information is no longer needed and stock can be allocated to a general group. This can be necessary when picking individual items by batch becomes impractical or as stock is consolidated.

Detail Steps

To combine stock batches / stock adjustment method is used as below:

1. From the Item Register, click on the item stock group to combine.

2. From the Actions menu, select Item Adjustment.

3. Reduce the batch to be combined by its quantity and increase the target batch quantity accordingly then select a Reason. The stock for MY-NEW-BATCH increases. The existing opening count batch is no longer displayed in the details register.

4. To review the movement of stock from one batch to another use the Stock History (CTRL+H) form and filter by Item Number.


This provides means of regrouping batches. You can combine multiple batches using the same adjustment order and if necessary use Manage Batch Serial to change the batch tracking number to indicate a new batch with new properties.

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