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Managing Freight Costs and Profits
Managing Freight Costs and Profits

Acquiring accurate freight values in reporting

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Below are some suggested options for acquiring accurate freight values in reporting.

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Option A: You want freight to record freight with 0 profits.

1. In MYOB, open the item number you use for freight.

2. On the buying tab set STD cost = $1.00 or $1.10 if you have marked will buy tax code of GST.

3. On the selling tab, set Sell Price in MYOB = $1.00 or $1.10 if you have set to sell with GST AND the box checked to list sell price as tax inclusive.

4. When entering sale lines Quantity of freight should be adjusted not dollar value. Dollar value (Sell price per unit) on freight lines should never be manually updated.

Option B: You would like to see profit from freight and you can obtain a cost of freight per sale.

1. Go to tools > preferences, on the General tab.

2. In WMS, turn on the functionality called “Use extended lines from sales to purchasing”.

3. When entering the freight line on the sale, the unit cost for the freight can be entered on the extended sale line section at the bottom of the invoice.

Option C: You can’t obtain a cost for freight per sale but would like to nominate an amount of profit per dollar of freight sold.

1. It is recommended you follow option A above and reduce the Standard cost field value to provide your desired profit amount per dollar.

Option D: You would like freight to show as 100% Profit

1. Standard cost for freight items in MYOB should remain at $0.00

Related Information

Non inventory items will report based on the last cost, however if last cost is zero, Standard cost is used.

Freight items should not be used in MYOB for purchasing of freight. When used in purchases, updates are made to MYOBs Last cost field and flow on to WMS last cost fields.

Freight items should be non inventory unless pre-purchased bags etc are used and the quantity used is entered within the sale itself.

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