Cubic Volume Calculation

Using cubic calculator in Despatch Register

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This article describes how to use Cubic Calculator in Despatch Register when Packing the Order.

Detail Steps

Step 1: Open Despatch Register.

Step 2: Select Order.

Step 3: Open Order and Pick the Order.

Step 4: Pack Orders screen is ready to enter Article details.

STEP 5: Open Cubic Volume drill box.

STEP 6: Cubic Calculator screen will appear.

Step 7: Enter each article dimensions and system will automatically calculate Cubic.

You can name the article for example 250mm box for future selection.

STEP 8: When article dimensions are entered select Add.

STEP 9: Continue to enter article dimensions if you have articles with different dimensions and weight. Then select "Update Order’’.

STEP 10: Total articles, cubic and weight will be added to your Pack screen.

STEP 11: Continue process with order fulfillment.

Workflow Restrictions

Please note ONLY "superuser" account can add and remove Cubic calculations.

Related Information

NOTE: Please use Cubic Calculator for all changes you need to make to article qty and dimensions.

For example: Manually entered Article qty will not update Cubic and weight.

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