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Special Pricing Schedule - General Setup Options
Special Pricing Schedule - General Setup Options

Setup SPS for an individual customer and individual stock code

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This document explains how to setup SPS for an individual customer and individual stock code.

WMS can import Item Sale Quotes for individual or *ALL Customers with predefined Quantity Breaks and apply these pricing rules as sales are created.

Detail Steps

1. Create a New Quote in MYOB (the SPS stays as a quote).

2. Select the Customer (If you want to apply this discount to all your customers

, select the customer called “*ALL CUSTOMERS”).

3. Set the Invoice # to ‘SPS’ (as uppercase).

4. VERY IMPORTANT! Set the Customer PO # to the Item Number (If you want to enter multiple items enter “MULTI” into this field.

5. Enter the Quantity break eg. 1x ItemNumber (price will apply to orders of 1 or less if you enter 2 x ItemNumber on the next line price will apply when 2 or more are sold).

6. Set the sell price OR enter a % discount (you can only use one method if you enter a discount the price will be ignored and the discount will be applied to the base selling price if you change the price only then this price will be used - When using the % method the sell price should be changed to zero to save confusion when running MYOB Reports.)

7. Set the Promise Date to the Start Date.

8. Set the Date to the Finish Date.

Note that a special pricing schedule (SPS) must be created for EACH item and EACH customer (unless using the *all customer card or by entering MULTI into the invoice # field and entering multiple items on the quote).

Important Note

Datapel do not recommend to amend Special Price Quotes #Phone1 field in MYOB as this might affect reporting information. Please consult your form/report developer before amending any information.

Related Information

This feature requires the optional Special Pricing module for WMS.

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