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Denso Handheld User Guide

Denso Handheld User Guide

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Denso Handheld BHT User Guide.

Chapter 1 Quick Guide

Describes the basic operating method of the BHT-300BWB and the related notes.

Chapter 2 Getting Started the BHT and System Mode

Outlines the system configuration and presents the operating procedures for the BHT-300BWB, including preparation and System Mode operation. In System Mode, you can set various parameters to efficiently run application programs.

Chapter 3 Communications Operations of BHT

Outlines the BHT's communications capabilities necessary for performing data and program transfer between the BHT-300BWB and host computer or other devices: wireless communication, infrared (IR) communication, RS-232C interface specifications, and the basic communications specifications.

Chapter 4 Error Messages

Lists the error messages which will appear on the LCD if some error occurs in the BHT.

Chapter 5 Handling the CU-300 (Option)

Describes the handling procedure of the communication unit CU-300, the interfacing with the host computer, and the charging of the battery cartridge. This chapter also describes the LAN-support communication unit CU-311.

Appendix A: Specifications Appendix B: A Typical Basic Operation

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