Supported Handheld Devices

Supported Handheld Devices

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** Sold and Supplied within Oceania Region Only **

Many types of Portable Data Terminals can be used in conjunction with the WMS Console module.

Detail Steps

PDT Requirements;
Requires a Wi-Fi network to be installed and cover all areas that handheld is to operate within.
Each handheld terminal requires and supports Wi-Fi connectivity
Each handheld terminal must have a 1D/2D scanner.
Each handheld terminal requires a VT100/200 compatible client installed
Each handheld terminal requires the following keys:

  • ENTER and ESCAPE key

  • < (left arrow) > (right arrow)

  • . (full stop)

  • \/ (down arrow) /\ (up arrow)

  • Numeric 0 to 9

Note: In some cases, the ENTER and ESCAPE also function as the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to reduce key shifts.

These are our recommended scanner models:

  • Motorola LS2208 (1D USB Scanner)

  • Motorola LS4278 (2D Cordless Scanner)

  • Datalogic Gryphon D432 Plus (2D)

  • Datalogic M2 ( Wireless Barcode Scanner)

  • Cipherlab 8470 Mobile Terminal

Related Information

Even with the above requirements met, some terminals may not work with our software or require a significant setup time. For this reason, it is best to consult a Datapel representative on suitable models available.

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