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Console - Despatch - Pallet and Box Selection
Console - Despatch - Pallet and Box Selection

Console - Despatch - Pallet and Box Selection

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The following article provides information about how to accurately pack orders to allow EDI SSCC label scanning for Customers to Electronically receive stock.

Detail Steps

Step 1. Once you have scanned the item code in the despatch menu you are ready to Pick a Pallet and Box Number. The default will load as #1.

You may have up to 899 boxes per order in total (including palletized boxes) and up to 99 Pallets per order.

The Field allows 5 numbers (00)(000) = (00 PLT number) (000 Box/CTN Number). Any number under 1000 represents an unpalletized CTN. Any number higher represents a Pallet and palletized CTN


Entry = 1 or 00001 or 001
Result = Unpalletized Box number 1 (No Pallet Labels will be available)

Entry = 11 or 00011 or 0011 or 011
Result = Unpalletized Box number 11 (No Pallet Labels will be available)

Entry = 01001 or 1001
Result = Pallet 1 Box 1

Entry = 01002 or 1002
Result = Pallet 1 Box 2

Entry = 02001 or 2001
Result = Pallet 2 Box 1

Entry = 99149
Result = Pallet 99 Box 149

Entry = 10000
Result = Pallet 10 Box 0 (unboxed Pallet - no CTN labels will be available)

You can press ## to count up a box and #- to count down a box or you can press #01002 (# then required data anytime prior to scanning item or serial number)

Continue picking as per the STD workflow changing Pallet and Box Numbers as required.


Pallet labels and Order Labels (Box Labels) can be printed for Pallets from the WMS registers.

This feature must be activated in the Console.Config File.

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