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How to collect API Secret key
How to collect API Secret key

Obtain an API Secret key from Shopify

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This article explains how to obtain an API Secret key from Shopify.

Detail Steps

Developer needs to login into Shopify Partner page as the screen below:

Figure 6: Shopify Partner Login

Important Note
This is for Develop use only.

Login details

Password: d@t@p3l

Figure 7: Shopify Partner Main Page

Click on the “Datapel Shopify Link” App to proceed to get the App info.

Figure 8a: “Datapel Shopify Link” App page

Scroll down for more information.

Figure 8b: “Datapel Shopify Link” App page – API Key

Copy the API Key and enter into Shopify app.config as the Shopify Client Secret (Shopify.CS)

This client secret is required to use to generate the token whenever required.

<add key="Shopify.CS" value="a2eae816291643c0de84bc94f322daeb" />
<add key="Shopify.Scope" value="write_customers,write_products,write_orders,write_shipping"/>
<add key="Shopify.UserName" value="[email protected]"/>
<add key="Shopify.Password" value="d@t@p3l"/>
<add key="Shopify.Shopname" value="datapel-system-test-store"/>
<add key="Shopify.BaseUri" value="https://{0}"/>

Next, make sure that the configuration given in the config file are filled up correctly.

Important Note

Please ensure the “Shopify. CS” and “Shopify. Scope” configurations are available. This is a MUST to auto regenerate the API token file “oauthState.json”.

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