For remote support, installation, and testing purposes an account needs to set up with administrator privileges allowing Datapel support staff to gain access to the server and Warehouse Management System software components.

Detail Steps

1. Log onto the Server as the Administrator.

2. Open the server management console by clicking Start then Server Management. The server management console may already be open from logging in.

3. From the Home Page click on users or click users from the list on the far left of the screen.

4. Click the Action menu at the top of the window and select Add user.

5. Press next.

6. Enter the details of the account into this screen.

  • First name = Datapel
  • Last name = Support
  • Logon name = Datapel
  • Telephone = 1300 137 082

7. Press next.

8. Enter password. Check with Datapel management for appropriate password.

9. Ensure that “This user can change password at anytime” is selected.

10. Press Next.

11. Choose the option “Use the following template to define user settings”.

12. From the list of templates select “Administrator template”.

13. Press Next.

14. Select “Do not set up a computer” option.

15. Press Next.

16. Check summary of options selected are correct.

17. Press finish. The wizard will now set up the account.

18. Press Close.

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