This documents explains how information can be automatically extracted from the WMS using a DATAPULL script in the system Preferences.XML configuration file.

Detail Steps

The following sections assume that your system is configured with WMS running as a service (WaaS). Please see the WMS as a Service (WaaS) Support Article for more information on configuration requirements.

Datapel WMS provides OPEN INTEGRATION points for system designers allowing information within the workspace to be shared with other business applications or actively push/pull information to and from the WMS service engine.

Examples include:

  • Website Integration
  • Business to Business sales/purchase sharing
  • Mobile Sales / Stock Control devices

Integration is support in 3 ways within the Datapel WMS environment:

1. Open SQL Server Database Instance - access controlled via Windows Authentication or via SQL Auth
2. WaaS and Prefs.xml DATAPULL instruction scripts.
3. VBScript Event actions allowing user defined functionality to occur at specific execution points throughout the WMS program.

Creating a DataPull:

1. A datapull must be loaded into the Prefs.XML configuration file and the WaaS stopped then restarted to apply changes made.

2. There are a number of paths which can be configured allowing you to customise the WMS.

3. The Datapull path within the XML file is shown below:


—- A DataPull is constructed as follows:

    SELECT * FROM vGTP_Items

: Specifies the number of MINUTES that must expire before this DataPull is performed.

Prefs.xml DATAPULL instruction

        <clsDataPulls Index="1" Object="True">
            <clsDataPullList Index="1" Object="True">
                <Caption>GTP WebSite Datapull</Caption> - just to help you find in the prefs.xml
                <DataSet>0</DataSet> - always zero
                <clsDataPull Index="1" Object="True"> - count the object up as you add more datapulls
                    <Tag>GTP_Items</Tag> - just to help you find in the prefs.xml
                    <Filename>items.txt</Filename> - you can put file name only and it will save in the default installation folder example (C:\Program Files\Datapel Systems\Warehouse Management System) or place full path and file name. existing files will be overwritten.
                    <AfterCount>-1</AfterCount> -1 is not in use and 0 is run once at WMS service startup only
                    <WidthMap></WidthMap> - used for creating fixed width delimeter files
                    <UseHeader>True</UseHeader> - include field header names or not
                    <Style>TSV</Style> - options are CSV or TSV basically the file name extension.
                    <FieldMap></FieldMap> n/a
                    <PaddingMap></PaddingMap> n/a
                    <Query>SELECT * FROM vGTP_Items</Query> - the sql query to be performed.

Related Information

Where possible create views to support any Custom Data Queries and ALWAYS PREFIX with your company initials. This helps Datapel during maintenance/upgrades to ensure your customisations are not overwritten or modified inadvertently.