As with the changing of Workflow Stages the scanner must be operated from the Assemblies Register.

Detail Steps

To being processing a Work Order scan the WO# (in the form of WO-XXXX-XXXX) - this barcode is usually found on the top right handside of the work order advice.

Once a work order is scanned the reference number and status is shown on the QUICK DESPATCH window. There are THREE options for processing Work Orders.

Scan QUICK to QUICK BUILD, RECEIVE and ALLOCATE, then CREATE MYOB transaction. This process takes approximately 10-30 seconds.




Scan NEXT to QUICK BUILD, RECEIVE and ALLOCATE without creating MYOB transaction - this can be scheduled to occur as part of the end-of-day process.




Scan PICK to QUICK BUILD and CLOSE the work order. The Work Order receive order will need to be manually processed using either the handheld device or by accessing the Receiving Register and completing the goods inward process.




Once all WorkOrders are processed scan CANCEL to exit the quick despatch form and return to the main explorer window.




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