We recommend Chrome or Edge for the best experience when using the Cloud.WMS.

If you have recently updated your Microsoft Edge/Chrome software, you could now be auto-logged out of the Cloud.WMS software at random intervals.

The recent update to Edge/Chrome closes web sockets after a random delay or when the webpage is deemed inactive.

Most other websites will reconnect; however, the WMS will not reconnect due to genuine security issues.

We are working towards a permanent solution via our software to ignore Chrome, and Edge attempts to log out of the site due to suspected inactivity. In the meantime, please update the below browser settings on your device.

Detail Steps

Microsoft Edge Timeout/Auto Logout issues Resolution

Update both Edge Settings:

  1. edge://settings/system

Set inactive tabs to sleep after 12 hours of inactivity

2. Visit: edge://flags

Set both options below to Disabled

Google Chrome Timeout/Auto Logout issues Resolution.

Visit: chrome://flags

Set both options below to Disabled

Related Information

If your issue persists or you are unsure about these steps, please get in touch with us to assist you in actioning these items.

Some Systems Browser settings are managed via group policy. In this case, your settings will reset after the system restart/re-login. If this occurs, please contact your IT provider for further assistance.