All WMS Explorer registers contain data rows and column headers. Data can be sorted and grouped by. 

From the Register screens, you can sort multi-columns and can then export to excel.

You can do multi cascading sorting by holding the ctrl key down and clicking the column button. Whatever you click first will sort first.

The "Send to Excel" function sends files to the My Downloads folder. Please open the folder manually as it does not open Auto.

Detail Steps

This example shows the Despatch Register.

It is possible to re-order the information in each view by SINGLE CLICKING on the column header. There are three ordering states, Descending, Ascending, or no sorting.

In this example, the Date is sorted descending. The next example shows how sorting could be done by Invoice # ascending, from small to large.

Only one column can be sorted at a time; however, you can use the sorting and Grouping View Menu together. This can provide useful views of the Warehouse operations. For example; In the Receive Register, use View by Supplier and Order Status to quickly identify shipments on Order and not yet received (OPEN).


For Column Grouping:

Click on the Register button to display the grey bar for grouping. Then, click on a column and drag and drop inside the gray field.

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