This documents explains how MYOB AutoBuilds can be automatically converted to Item Purchase QUOTES using the Datapel WMS - Special function - CONVERT BOM. The Datapel WMS has a super user function designed for ONE-TIME use that allows the creation of BOMS or IMP files for import into MYOB.

Detail Steps

1: Complete the initial replication and setup of the WMS - ensure the *ALL LOCATIONS card is present - this will be used to post the KIT/BOM instruction against.

2: BACKUP the MYOB Companyfile FIRST.

3: Select File - Purgeā€¦ then click Convert AutoBuildsā€¦

4: If you are creating BOM Item Purchase they will appear in MYOB once the process completes.

5: Open the MYOB Company file and run a report using the fiter on Purchase Order # of BOM - verify the line items are correct.


1. RESTORE THE BACKUP - this will remove the newly created BOM Item Purchase quotes

2. Locate the IMPS folder used by WMS - in this you will find the itm_purchs-XXXXXx.imp containing the last file used to initialise MYOB. Copy this file to working implementation folder then open this in NOTEPAD.

3. Search and Replace BOM with KIT.

4. DELETE THE LAST LINE of each ITEM PURCHASE - this will be the Item Code of the KIT - Kits do not require this line item.

5. Import this IMP file using FILE - Import - Purchases - ITEM.

6. Verify the new item purchase quotes are correct as above by running a report filtering by PO# KIT.

3. In the MANUAL PICK - select/pick the item batch or if required click ADD SERIAL#

4. Type in the SERIAL# check it conforms and click YES to add the serial number.


6. If any other items are RTP (for example Freight) - Click Pick Stock to fully pick the order.

7. Now CLICK FAST PACK or CLOSE the form and scan the Order Barcode to return to the QUICK DESPATCH workflow.

Additional Notes

When moving from AUTOBUILD TO KITS - the AUTOBUILT item will have been INVENTORIED - you will need to change the existing INVENTORY ITEM NUMBER to a NEW CODE - we suggest using an x to prefix the item code - then make it inactive.

Before doing this EXPORT the item list and update the ITEMS to create a NEW SET OF CODES with the same ITEM NUMBER that are NON-INVENTORY - that is - the ISTOCK is blank and the Inventory account details blank.

IMPORT the updated ITEM LIST and the OLD INVENTORIED items will effectively be replaced by NON-INVENTORIED copies of the same codes.

NOW DO A MAINTENANCE REPLICATE or better still it is recommended to DROP THE WORKSPACE and create a new workspace from the ground up.

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