The following support note describes how to convert MYOB NON-INVENTORY items into Inventoried Items 

Detail Steps

If you have some items that You need to convert into Inventory item in WMS  

  1. Backup the WMS Database

  2. Go to  Tools > Preferences... > Click Security tab
  3. Click drill in box next to "I Inventory" for Items: as shown in the picture 

  4. Review messagebox and ensure instructions are followed carefully.

  5. Then search items you wish to convert as per Picture below

  6. Select the items and add by highlighting the line and clicking  

  7. Once you select all the items that need to convert into Inventory item

  8. Click

  9. In the Preference window click

Related Information

* Settings should not be changed for Items that have previously be used in sales, purchases or adjustments. In this instance the item should be inactivated and a new item created.