Bill Of Materials like AutoBuild information is the list of items required to build a new inventory (Assembled) item. For example, the Bill Of Materials (BOM) for a Café Latte would be Coffee, Water, Milk, and Sugar. Typically the BOM does not vary and is expressed in terms of quantity required to produce a single built item;

Detail Steps

To create a Bill Of Materials for WMS an MYOB Item Purchase Quote is used. An example is shown below; here the Bill Of Materials (BOM) describes the component items used to produce ONE Water Kit.

In this example 2 x 120 + 1 x 410 + 1 x 700 is used to produce a single unit of item 1000 (Water Kit A). Note the Prices are ignored by WMS.


The Bill Of Materials identifies all component items required to build an Assembled item. A Work Order is the instruction to actually create new stock. The Work Order moves through the manufacturing workflow and has components assigned to it (removed from stock) and will ultimately add assembled stock to warehouse inventory.

This is only applicable for WMS version 9 and not for WMS 10.

Related Information

Bill of materials can be imported in bulk into MYOB please refer to article Importing BoMs into MYOB.