Bill Of Materials (BOM) like AutoBuild information is the list of items required to build a new inventory (Assembled) item. For example, the Bill Of Materials (BOM) for a Café Latte would be Coffee, Water, Milk, and Sugar. Typically the BOM does not vary and is expressed in terms of quantity required to produce a single built item.

For WMS 10 users, please create BOM in WMS.

Detail Steps

To create a Bill Of Materials (BOM) for WMS:

1. Open WMS

2. Go to Items list register

3. Highlight Assembly item that you need to create BOM

4. Open up Inventory detail card > Go to Settings > make sure you tick the box 

5. After this action Component Tab will appear between Details Tab and Pricing Tab

6. Select ''Components Tab''

7. To start create new BOM please select

8. New Bill of Materials entry screen will open.

9. Enter quantity required to produce a single built item

10. Enter all components by manually entering items all selecting Ctrl+Enter to use Stock Lookup assistant and select multiple items.

11. Enter component unit quantity to produce a single built item.

12. Record BOM

13. New BOM is ready and will appear in Inventory detail card under Components Tab.

To edit a Bill Of Materials (BOM) for WMS:

1. Open WMS

2. Go to Items List register

3. Find your Assemblies item

4. Open Inventory card and go to Components Tab > Edit BOM or highlight item within Items List register > right click > select Bill of Materials

5. Please make changed to BOM and Record BOM.

Note: If you need to Insert or Delete line > right click on Line and select one of the listed options .

“Replace Component” – Item replace only on selected BOm

 “Replace on all BOMs” – system will replace selected item on ALL Boms in WMS. 


Bill of Materials report located under Reports > Assemblies > Bill of Materials

How to turn ON WMS (BOM) function:

New BOM function is available  for all customers with WMS edition 9.1.117 or higher.

Please go to Help > About Warehouse Manager and find your edition number.

If your edition is lower then 9.1.117 please contact Datapel Support to arrange WMS update.

To start using WMS Bill of materials new function in WMS please update Prefs.xml in Datapel Systems folder.

1. Go to My Computer

2. Open Program Files / Program Files (x86)

3. Open Datapel Systems > Warehouse Management System

4. Find Prefs.xml file and create a backup of this file.

5. Right click and select Edit

6. Prefs.xml file will open

7. Find tag "WMSAsBOMSource"

8. To turn ON function please enter ''True'' and to turn OFF function please enter ''False''

9. Save the file


The Bill Of Materials identifies all component items required to build an Assembled item. A Work Order is the instruction to actually create new stock. The Work Order moves through the manufacturing workflow and has components assigned to it (removed from stock) and will ultimately add assembled stock to warehouse inventory.

Related Information

To export Bill of Materials (BOM) please open Assembly Inventory card > go to Components Tab > Select

To import Bill of Materials (BOM) please open Assembly Inventory card > go to Components Tab > Select