This documents explains how setup a “KIT” in MYOB for use in the Warehouse Management System.

Kits are used to enter a group of items into a sale using one main header code, for example, you might like to sell a coffee package which contains, coffee, a coffee machine and Milk, however, you do not assemble this product prior to picking the order. The kit header a non inventory item is entered on the sale and the components are listed below it.

Detail Steps

Note : Create a Kit Header item, this should be a non inventory item.

1: In MYOB open a new Item Purchase “quote” using the card “*ALL LOCATIONS”

2: Enter: “KIT” in the “Purchase #” Field

3: Enter: The non inventory KIT item number (this is the number you will enter into the sale order form) into “Supplier Inv#”

4: Enter: KIT parts into the item entry lines.

5: Run a maintenance replicate.

Pricing of KIT Items:

There are two options for the selling price of KITS

1: Set the Price for the total KIT in the base selling Price of the KIT item (in the example shown in this document the item will be #1500).

Result: When entering the kit item into the sales order form the kit parts will be discounted accordingly (evenly throughout all the items in the kit) to equate to the KIT price Specified.

- It is essential that every component in the kit have a sell price so that the discount can be applied evenly across the component items.

2: Set the Price for the total KIT in the base selling Price of the KIT item to Zero.

Result: The Kit price is determined by the sum of the kit lines Base Selling Price.

Changes to Price within the sales form:

-If a discount is applied to the KIT (Header) within the sales form then the discount is applied to all line items within the kit. -If the KIT (Header) item price is changed a discount is applied to the kit items (evenly throughout all items).

Related Information

-Kits line items do not take into account Special Pricing.

-Unlike the BOM, you don’t need to specify how many it will build or sell from the parts in this case, it will assume all these parts come together to sell 1 quantity of the Kit item.

-Kit Header items can be a part of a Special Pricing Schedule- with discounts being applied across all lines to equate to the header items discounted price.

-Kit line items can be edited in the sales form by editing the line.

-Kit line items can be deleted but not added in the sales form.

-Kits can be part picked/packed and shipped but backorders for the remaining parts will retain the original discount pricing.

-Kit header items must be Non-Inventory Items.


Related Information