This document explains how to create Work Order.

Detail Steps

To create a New Work Order click on Assemblies Register from the WMS Explorer flowchart.

In the short cut action bar select New WorkOrder.

In this example a Work Order is created to Build 5 of Assembly Item 1000 (Water Kit).

When you click Create Work Order ,if a  pop up screen with empty error message  occurred with exclamation mark ,it's usually due to your BOM creation  having empty BOM qty shown below. 


By clicking Estimate Max Built Quantity the WMS does a simple calculation using the Bill Of Materials to estimate maximum build quantity based on components currently available. You must create a Work Order for each Assembly Item you need to build.

Display Work Instructions

It's a form called components  , only available when order is PICKED status.

Right click PICKED status workorder> Display WorkOrder Details

*You can create an assembly thats linked to a sale by right clicking on a sale and selecting, create workorders. You will receive the option to create all builds or only the ones which you dont have enough stock of.

*You can create, pick, build, close, receive and allocate to sales in one step, the option is found in right click menu of the Sales register. You may use the shift or ctrl key to multi select orders prior to using this option. If a built can’t be completed due to out of stock the build will sit in assemblies as NSA until it is able to be fulfilled manually.Please ensure you don’t click on the option multiple times for a sale or it will keep creating work orders over and over for the same sale and add the built items into stock.