Many files are used by the WMS. This document explains which files should be moved to the new installation or any new P2P setup machines where the WMS software is installed.

Detail Steps

Copy all the below files from an existing P2P machine and place into the corresponding path in the new machine.

Files can be found in the installation folder of the WMS, this can be anywhere on your system but most likely found at C:\Program Files\Datapel Systems\Inventory Controller or C:\Program Files (86)\Datapel Systems\Inventory Controller






Workspace.xml - There are windows paths kept within this folder all data from within the folders described in this document should be copied and moved.





Any other related folders in use by the WMS for instance where systems are integrated such as freight, EDI and other third party software.

Related Information

* It is also required that each P2P machine has the corresponding SQL native client installed.

*Don't forget your SQL server is part of a domain, if you do not login to the PC as part of a domain you will be able to use the software but will not be able to print reports as this uses domain authentication.