Your MYOB Companyfile's data integrity. The Datapel WMS uses the MYOB provided/developed ODBC database connector to read and write information to and from the customer datafile.

This is the only MYOB authorised method of integrating external applications with your MYOB Companyfile. Furthermore, Datapel System is an authorised Global Solution Development partner of MYOB and was involved in the original development of this connectivity component - helping to identify best-practice configuration/usage patterns.

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Technical Information

In all cases the ODBC transaction READ will not modify or adjust any DATA in the company file and the profile under which the read occurs (username/password) is subject to security credentials set by the MYOB administrator. This means certain table based information (like payroll) can be blocked from access via this interface.

The ODBC transaction WRITE back can NEVER UPDATE existing transactions created through ODBC or by local myob users.

It will ONLY create NEW transactions and is limited to ONLY the following transactions types:

                Purchase Quote/Order/Bill,

                Item Sale Quote/Order/Bill,

                Customer Card.

Note also that these transactions are clearly identified with WMS specific tags and maybe DELETED or reversed given the myob user has authority.

It is NOT possible to MODIFY existing transactions via the MYOB ODBC interface even those created via an ODBC transaction.

All NEW transactions are subject to the same business rules processed via the User accessible FILE/IMPORT/ITEM SALES, ITEM PURCHASES, and CARDFILE interfaces.

This further ensures no possible corruption or compromise of the existing database integrity.


Reconciliation and Audit Trail


The Datapel WMS and ODBC interface provides our customers a fully transparent and auditable transaction based integration platform.

All transactions posted/created by WMS using ODBC will be recorded under the internal MYOB AUDIT trail feature if this function is enabled by the administrator.

Furthermore the WMS contains a number of "reconciliation" reports to identify potential exceptions where manual modification has occurred after transaction synchronisation.

A detailed transaction log is also maintained by the WMS enabling "playback" of transactions posted from a previous date.


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