It is normal during implementation to encounter system setup problems. If issues occur WMS can log details to files that provide information to our support team.


THE ATTACHED SUPPORT NOTE contains Screen Shots to assist in the completion of these tasks.

To enable diagnostics you will need access to the Computer Registry; it is recommended you login to your application server as an administrator.

IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE REGISTRY EDITOR ONLY COMPLETE STEP 1 and seek assistance from Datapel Support or your local Datapel Partner.

Firstly check you have enabled Detailed Audit Log – this preference can be found in WMS Preferences - Security.

If your issue relates to MYOB integration this will increase the detail gathered during replication and logged in the STATUS REPORTER.

If your issue relates to posting transactions to MYOB (Invoicing, Adjusting, Purchase Ordering) then perform the action and immediately check the MYOBP.LOG file. You can find this file in the same location as your Company Datafile.

To gain further information you will need to ENABLE DIAGNOSTIC LOGGING.

The Datapel application has two logging levels - Application and Database logging.

Detail Steps

1. To enable logging start the registry editor, click Start menu select Run and enter: REGEDIT.EXE

2. Locate the DATAPEL SYSTEMS key folder as shown above – this can be found in the Folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Datapel Systems


4. Set the LogFile String Key to the VALUE TRUE. Set LogSQL to the Value TRUE.

If the keys are not present you will need to create them - using the Mouse Right-Click in the Right Hand Pane and choose NEW – STRING VALUE. Enter the Key Name – then double click the Key and enter the Value as above.


6. Set the LogFile String Key to the VALUE TRUE - Exit Registry Editor and EXIT WMS completely.

The WMS will now begin logging all internal actions with diagnostics to separate local TEXT FILES that are located within the Program Files/Datapel Systems/ folder.

7. Login to the WMS and REPEAT the action that has failed.

8. Send these files to a ZIP FILE and upload to the support FTP server or as directed by DATAPEL SUPPORT.

Unless otherwise instructed by DATAPEL SUPPORT the registry keys SHOULD ALWAYS be set back to FALSE. Diagnostic logging adds an OVERHEAD and slows down overall system performance.

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