This document explains Purchase order Import workflow.

Detail Steps

1. Create two folders below, preferably in WMSDB folder of any drive, example as below:



2. Set the folders inside Preferences – WMS > Tools > Preferences > Adaptors tab

Remote Sales Import Folder: C:\WMSDB\Import

Processed Archive Folder: C:\WMSDB\Import\Processed

Save the setting by clicking Record Preferences

3. Place the XML or CSV files in C:\WMSDB\Import (the folder in Step 1)

4. Import Purchase Orders – WMS > File > Import > Remote > Purchases

5. Select Location, and then click Import Orders

6. Once complete, it will show in Status Reporter, example as below:

XML file format (example)

<SKUDescription>10mm Span 600 PBoard 4800x1200</SKUDescription>

If need to perform testing, use the sample Purchase Order XML to test Import purchase

  • change the CardIdentification (Supplier ID) and SKU (Item Number) and PostingDate, TransDate (Date) 
  • File > Import > Remote > Purchases

Related Information

Below document explains each Tag format and functions required to provide a well-formed XML Customer sale/Purchase order as input to WMS.

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