Datapel WMS supports a number of Data Exchange interfaces. Using the DataEx interface configuration information can be IMPORTED and EXPORTED from the WMS database. This feature allow Administrators or Consultants to quickly configure the Inventory Management System Workspace with datasets already prepared in Excel or via export from other systems. Likewise, information already entered or captured by an WMS workspace can be exported to provide External Systems indirect access to stock tracking datasets.

Detail Steps

Import/Export Formats

The format supported is:

  • CSV (Comma Separated Variables)


The following support note describes how WMS multiple item barcode file should be formed and how it is imported into the WMS.

1. Create a folder that will be used to hold Import/Export files.

It is recommended that .csv file be named by their import/export type. (Multipleitembarcodes, Transactions, Items, Suppliers, Customers, Shipping Methods, Custom Lists, Users)

2. Once preparations are complete within Excel save the transaction import file as a csv (Comma Delimited).

3. Within Item List Registry select any item and open the Inventory Detail screen.

4. Within Inventory Detail screen Select More Barcodes...

6. Clear Article code box.

7. Select Search.

8. Select export.

9. Save to preferred Location.

10. Open Microsoft Excel.

11. Import data from Text file.

12. Select options, delimited, comma, columns all as text format.

13. Update excel file as required.

14. Save as CSV.

15. Backup WMS

16. Go to Item list.

17. Double click item.

18. Select more barcodes on bottom right. 

19. Select Import CSV Barcodes

20. Browse for the .csv file. Once selected Open File.

To check the system details of import the Status Report should be used.

Multiple Barcode HEADERS and FIELDS

Table below Provides an overview of the ITEM headers and a description on each field.

Attached is an example Multiple Barcode Import CSV File.

Item NumberAlphaNumeric30YItem Number of Item. Used to ID item product.
BarcodeNumeric30YAdditional Barcode Number for item.
Scan Unit QuanityNumeric10YScan Unit Quantity of Measure for the additional barcode. 1 is default.
CommentAlphaNumeric30NDescription of Additional Barcode

Related Information

Additional barcodes per product only support WMS version 8.1.108 onwards.

If this feature is required you could  co-ordinate a suitable time to upgrade with to upgrade WMS version to latest version.