When opening a new WMS Workspace or updating stock counts a Stock-Take-File (STF) can be used.

Detail Steps


If you have a WMS Workspace, from the Item List register select from the Actions menu Stock Adjustment and select a location from the drop down list.


Once the Stock List updates click the Export… This will create a Stock-Take-File with the current counts for each item currently inventoried. The file is a CSV – Comma Separated Variables file. See Attached "Example_StockTake.CSV" as an export Stock-Take-File example.


Open the file in Excel (make sure you select *.csv as the file filter). Note that a TILDA (~) must be placed in the BATCH-SERIAL column and a 0 as LOT for untracked stock.


UPDATE THE COUNT column to reflect the TRUE COUNT of stock OnHand.


Save the file as *.CSV.


Follow Step 1, then choose Import STF…


Verify the DIFF column shows the difference between the original stock count and new count as shown below.

For more important additional notes and a detailed procudure including pictures please see the attached document.

Note: You can enter new bins into the stocktake file and they will be automatically created when the import file is loaded.

Header Notes:

  • LOCATION = Warehouse Location (Must contain a location)
  • BIN = Bin Location (If Bin location is not used will be set as *)
  • ITEM NUMBER = MYOB/WMS Item Number
  • BATCH-SERIAL = Item Batch-Serial Number (If item Batch-Serial number is untracked/not used, TILDA (~) is to be used)
  • LOT = Pallet Lot Number (If Pallet Lot tracking is not used a 0 should be used)
  • EXPIRY = Item expiry date (If expiry date is not being used leave blank)
  • COUNT = WMS Count after Stock Count this field can be changed to Actual Count. Upon importing WMS will identify if this field has been altered and display as variance.
  • COMMENT = Comment Field if Stock Count is different to WMS Count (Can be left blank) example: "One item Damaged"

The below fields will not update the WMS when imported via STF import they are for your reference when stocktaking only.

  • DEFAULT-BIN = Default Item Pick Bin
  • RECEIVE-BIN = Default Item Receive Bin 
  • OVERFLOW-BIN =  Default Item Overflow Bin 
  • ITEM NAME =  MYOB/WMS Item Name 
  • UNIT =  Buying Unit of Measure 
  • UOM =  Selling Unit of Measure

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