This document explains Custom List and Custom field setup.

Detail Steps

Item List setup. It is important that Item numbers are unique and that item names and descriptions are complete. In order to get benefit from the WMS Custom Lists and Custom Fields should be allocated and labeled using the LISTS menu item in MYOB.

Barcode/s must be allocated to CF1 or UDF1 fields.

The WMS provides advanced text searching of the custom fields, while custom lists are used to GROUP items into categories. It is recommended that you reserve Custom Fields for information that is diverse or unique to just that item. Some examples shown above include alternate part numbers, color etc.

If you want to use the Item Number as the Barcode, it is recommended the entire Item List be exported, copy the Item Number to Custom Field #1 then import and update.

Custom Field Header names must be entered into the WMS directly through the Tools Preferences, Inventory Tab.

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