This article describes Item Register column details.

Detail Steps

  1. OnHand -  Stocks currently still in the warehouse inclusive which is already picked/packed/shipped- waiting to be shipped out. (OnShelf + OnHold)
  2. OnHold -   Stocks which have gone through the picking process - PICKED/PACKED/SHIPPED (stocks will be taken out of WMS once the invoice is in CLOSED status )
  3. OnShelf -  OnHand minus OnHold (available stock on shelf which is not committed yet) 
  4. Committed - Stocks which have been committed/allocated  to a sale but yet to be Picked (status RTP/Ready to Pick) 
  5. Available -    OnHand minus OnHold and Committed (if this is 0 or less, your sale Status will be NSA)
  6. OnOrder -    Stocks which POs are not received yet (Assembly & Receiving)
  7. InTransit -  Show transfer between location which is not received yet.-(Transfer order.)

Location view:-

  1. If select  By Location , please refer the  OnShelf column to see the quantity available for that loaction. OnHand always refer to All locations.

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