This document explains how to resolve below Alert.

"Page header plus page footer is too large for the page" or error code of mismatched paper size.

Detail Steps

Solution A:

Error alert "The Page Header plus Page Footer is too large for the page." normally happens if user's PC (windows profile) is defaulted to label printer.

To resolve this alert:

  1. Open Control panel
  2. Printer and Hardware
  3. Set normal printer as default printer instead of label printer

Solution B:

  1. Check with user which printer is being used (User Selected Printer)
  2. If not sure, check with user on the printer Paper Size
  3. Check which form is affected (FRM_xxx.rpt)
  4. Back up a copy of the affected form
  5. Set to no printer then back to default printer or user selected printer
  6. Change "User Selected Printer" preference from Letter to A4 (server and wms level)
  7. Open your affected Form or Report FRM_xxx.rpt - design form > Design > Page Setup
  8. Tick No Printer > Save Form
  9. Preview > Printer Preferences > Advanced > change the Paper Size (eg. from Letter to A4) > Apply
  10. Untick No Printer
  11. Preview > Printer Preferences > Advanced > check the Paper Size (eg. that it is still A4)
  12. Save Form

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