This article should be used as guide for MYOB AR Update TO THE LATEST VERSION (For example, AccountRight v2019.2 to v2019.3).

MYOB upgrades/updates done by Datapel are billable or done by the customer or their IT using this guide.

Any investigation and repair done by Datapel in regards to the customer upgrading will be billable.

Detail Steps

Very Important!

1. Inform Datapel that you plan to update MYOB AR to the latest version
2. Inform Datapel your current MYOB AR version, and the latest version that you plan to update
3. Once Datapel confirms that the latest MYOB AR version is compatible with your current WMS application, you may proceed to update the MYOB AR following the guide below. Do Not proceed if you do not get the confirmation from Datapel.

MYOB AR Update to the Latest (Guide/Steps):

Step 1: Download MYOB Account Right Latest installer from:

Step 2: Backup WMS Database

Step 3: Backup MYOB company file (MYOB company file path can be found in WMS tools > Configuration)
For example - C:\Users\Public\Documents\MYOB\My AccountRight Files\CURRENT.myox

C:\Users\Public\Documents\MYOB\My AccountRight Files\CURRENT.myox

Step 4: Ensure all users logout from MYOB

Step 5: Stop MYOB services (4 shown below).

Step 6: Once done, please verify in task manager, you do not see any running applications with HUXLEY (example: username: Kerry, Tom or Bob)

Step 7: Four MYOB services that you will need to stop (you shouldn’t see it running after you have performed Step 4)

Set System to Install Mode - Open CMD window type "Change User /Install" . If the system notes it is not required, just ignore and continue.

Step 8: Control Panel > Program and Features > Uninstall MYOB (before uninstall, please verify the default path that is installed with MYOB, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\MYOB)

Step 9: Uninstall MYOB API

Step 10: Install MYOB (run as administrator)

Step 11: Install back to the same path like in Step 7.

Once the installation is completed:

Set System to Execute Mode - Open CMD window type "Change User /execute" . If the system notes it is not required, just ignore and continue.

Ensure that all the 4 MYOB services is running with the latest AccountRight version is being displayed  

Step 12: Increased api timeout from 7 to 15 [For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\MYOB\API\2.0.2019.3 (depending on your MYOB version which you had just updated to)] > MYOB.AccountRight.API.WindowsServiceHost.exe.Config

Set the MYOB library path according to the WMS configuration: Start->MYOB→MYOB AccountRight 2019.3->Tools->Set Library Location

Check if it is copying to the library location path and doesn't duplicate to standard C:\Users\Public\Documents\MYOB\My AccountRight Files (Ignore this if this is the path in WMS configuration) when you are opening the upgraded company file.

Step 13: Remove the existing recently opened company files from the library
(right-click and click "Remove" on the XXXX.myox )

Step 14: Open and upgrade the MYOB company file for WMS only (MYOB company file path can be found in WMS tools > Configuration)

Step 15: Login AR again – OK

Step 16: Run maintenance replication in WMS.

Step 17: Perform an Invoice shipped sale from Despatch register for an invoice with the status “Shipped”

Step 18: Check in MYOB if the invoice is received.

Step 19: Inform Datapel of performed upgrade and report any issues etc.

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