This document explains MYOB Optimisation steps.

MYOB Optimisation creates separate file (.bak file) and WMS will still will read the right myo file.

Detail Steps

Some preparation can help make WMS setup procedures complete smoothly.

It is most important to discuss with clients specific requirements for Location details and naming conventions, Bin details and naming conventions, also the roles of employees and most importantly their general access requirements to the WMS.

The inventory details should be up-to-date with respect to item naming conventions and details, stock takes per location, and agree on a date from which all Purchases will be RECEIVED and PUTAWAY through the WMS.

Datapel can provide a support note that details important steps and propose some conventions for naming of locations and storage bins.

[AccountEdge Network Edition only] If multiple users are accessing a shared company file on a host computer, optimise the company file on the host.

Optimising multi-user company files:

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