Purchasing of inventoried and non-inventory items is undertaken from within the MYOB accounting software. The purchasing manager creates and modifies Purchase Orders in the following cases:

On hand count drops below minimum holding quantities or if additional stock is required based on seasonal trends. To fulfill customer(s) orders (typically called Sale Back Order Purchases). Goods received consignment details do not reconcile with the original MYOB purchase order; either short supplied, over supplied, or buy price changes. Changing Purchase Order status to a Bill once consignment details are confirmed by Goods Inward. If cartons/packages are broken while receiving then if possible a separate area should be reserved for this activity.

WMS Receiving

New or Updated Purchase Orders in MYOB will appear in the WMS Receive Register after Replication. In the WMS Receiving Register MYOB Purchase Orders appear with a yellow highlight and header to indicate they must be converted to a Bill before they can be received. MYOB Purchase Bills list as Open and once double-clicked they appear with a blue header indicating they can now be received.

Detail Steps

To receive against an MYOB Purchase:

1. Select Receiving in the Flowchart window.

2. Select Receive Purchase in the Shortcuts window.

3. Review the purchase transaction list and select the required Purchase Order.

The Receive Stock form shows the purchase details and expected stock to be received. Stock can be partially received to cope with supplier back orders or split shipments.

To receive this purchase order:

1. Select Perth as the Received To: location.

2. Press Enter to move through to Item row and double click Qty and type 6. (Let’s assume 4 are on Back Order).

3. Type in the Comment field the reason for the shortfall e.g. due to back order.

4. Now click Record Stock.

A Received Receipt will display, this can be printed and placed with the Stock, notice the Putaway Bin automatically selected Inward based on our previously entered defaults.

The Purchase Register will show this Purchase with a SPLIT status.

The MYOB order should be split into a bill and backorder, either before or directly after receiving the stock.


The WMS data entry forms use the ENTER key as TAB. The TAB key is only used to shift focus off the GRID ROWS back the form. In this case press ENTER until focus is shifted to the QTY cell on the GRID.

Let’s assume the back ordered stock arrived later that day, we now complete receiving the SPLIT purchase order.

*It is not best practice to receive against a split purchase order, if you need to receive against a split purchase please FAST replicate to see if the order is updated to OPEN status, if not please contact the purchasing officer to Split the MYOB PO into a bill and backorder, followed by a replication prior to receiving stock.

OPEN the "OPEN" Status PO.

Enter Qty Received then record the receipt..

Provide Receive Docket to Purchasing Officer to bill and split the PO again if required.



All Stock Movements in the WMS are recorded in the STOCK HISTORY REGISTER and displayed as a TRANSACTION LOG.

To display movement history press CTRL+H, or from the TOOLS menu select STOCK HISTORY…

Backorders in MYOB

When you create a purchase which includes backordered items, a separate order is created containing only the backordered items. There is a system preference you can set which will ensure this separate order retains the original invoice/purchase order number to allow easy identification.

To set this preference:

  1. Go to the Setup menu and choose Preferences. The Preferences window appears.

  2. Click the Purchases tab (as applicable).
  3. For purchases, select the option Retain Original PO Number on Backorders.
  4. Click OK.


Receiving backorder items on a purchase

  1. Go to the Purchases command centre and click Purchase register. The Purchases register window will be displayed.

  2. Find and open Purchase Order.

  3. In the Bill column of the Purchases window, enter the quantity of the item you're receiving today.
  4. If some items are unavailable, enter the backordered quantity in the Backorder column. The backordered quantity will be included on the bill when it is printed. The value of the backordered items won't be included on the bill. If you don't want your suppliers to see that you've backordered items to fill the order, leave the Backorder column empty and complete the rest of the bill. When you're finished, create a purchase that contains only the backordered quantity.
  5. Click Record.

*All partially received orders "Split" will close in the WMS during a FAST or MAINTENANCE replication if the MYOB bill now matches the QTY received in the WMS. Any Replicate will bring NEW Purchase Orders (Backorders) into the WMS Workspace and they will appear in the Receiving Register.


Related Information

*It is recommended the MYOB order should be split into a bill and backorder with accurate buy pricing, either before or directly after receiving the stock.


* If you don't bill the purchase in MYOB you wont have stock to sell/build with, sales, builds and adjustments may fail and go into alert.

* If you don't split the backorders and received stock and you do it later you will end up with incorrect receive orders because the warehouse has to receive against split orders. These can be marked inactive and closed where required.

* Stock still looks like its still on order and buyers may not reorder enough stock.

A REFRESH Replicate will bring NEW Purchase Orders into the WMS Workspace and it will appear in the Receiving Register.

All partially received orders "Split" will close if the MYOB bill now matches the QTY received in the WMS.