This article describes how to setup requirements for Magento.

Detailed Steps


Please NOTE this is usually setup by the Customers IT Staff or WEB DEVELOPER. Do not progress with these steps unless you have been specifically authorised to update the website configuration.

Within Magento we require the SOAP/XML v2 interface to be setup with a User. To ensure the User has sufficient access rights they should be a member of an Admin group if it exists.

To check that the Web Server is working you can open the http://magentourl/?wsdl in a browser.

Configure SOAP/XML




Add User


Check Role


Add Workflow Stages

If required you may need to add new workflow stages to indicate that the order has been downloaded by the MagentoLink software. This is necessary when the setup is using a payment gateway that uses PENDING as UNPAID and PROCESSING to indicate PAID (or) PAYMENT APPROVED. In this case we typically setup an APPROVED status - which really just indicates that the order has been downloaded.

Always link the APPROVED flag to the PROCESSING status in the core Magento workflow status options.

Add Approved Status

If required you will need to add the Approved Status as per the below:


Add Workflow Stages

Once the approved status is added it needs to be linked to an internal magento status - in all cases we have used the Processing status.




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