This article explains how to turn on Progressive receiving for WorkOrders.

Details Steps

WMS standard workflow creates receiving entry once Workorder Built and Closed. 

Sometimes companies based on their production workflow needs receiving entry to be generated on WorkOrder creation.

This is possible via Progressive receiving setting in WMS.

To Turn ON Progressive Receiving:

  1. Login to WMS as superuser
  2. Go to Tools > Preferences
  3. Open Replication Tab
  4. Locate "Allow Progressive Receiving of WorkOrders" and tick the box to Turn ON this setting 
  5. Record Preferences
  6. Setting will be activated immediately

How Receiving entry will be generated?

After "Allow Progressive Receiving of WorkOrders" is Turned ON receiving entry will be generated instantly with WorkOrder creation.

Datapel highly advise to review all WorkOrders and finalize them before changing settings. 

Having existing WorkOrders (not CLOSED) in the system might cause receiving entry generation failure.


Open WO in the system. Before changing settings - receiving entry would be generated once WO Closed. Progressive receiving Turned ON. User Close WorOrder but no Receiving entry generated.

Stock Adjustment need to be performed to receive built goods into the system. 

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