There are couple of issue that effect to Purchase order are not showing  in WMS.

Detail Steps

1. 7 month window :-  The WMS Replicates 7 Months worth of Purchases, once a purchase order is older than 9 months it is marked as closed.

          If you need to receive an order outside this period you may change the date in MYOB and replicate to recreate the purchase or use the check in function

2.  Replication cut off date:- There is an option in WMS preferences for select replication start date for purchases. (Still apply 9 month window)
          To find which date  Go to Tools > Preferences... > Replication tab

3. Hide Closed Records:- If your purchase is hide then check the Hide CLOSED records: WMS preference
           Remedy:-  Go to Tools > Preferences... > in the General Tab

4. Show Bills Only preference:- The purchase status in MYOB is Order it may not be replicate if this WMS preference is ticked.
           Remedy:-  Covert order in to a Bill or un tick ()  in the Tools > Preference...> Replication tab

 5. Quote:- Purchase Quote does not create purchase receiving
  Remedy:- Convert Quote into  Order or Bill

6. There are no lines or no quantity on the purchase in MYOB. If there were once lines and quantity on the purchase in MYOB AND the order was replicated into WMS during this time AND then the order was marked as inactive and closed (blocking future replications), the order does not get replicated again and may remain in the register as the receive lines are still present. To remove the purchase from the WMS register, uncheck the inactive and closed checkbox and replicate.

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