Once you have completed all these steps you are in good shape to begin the WMS Workspace setup procedure.

Detail Steps

1. You should now make a backup of the MYOB Company file, if required move the working file to the correct network folder. As discussed in section 1, make sure it is located under the same tree as the WMS workspace.

2. For installations using MS-Access or centralising WMS related files it is highly recommended that your Folder Structure use the following format:

… root location:
	\DatapelWMS\Workspace\ (place MDB here)
			     \DocStore\ (attachments are created here)
			     \Reports\ ( pdf audit trail is created here)
			      \Current\ (place MYOB file here)

It is typical for this folder(s) to be on a central server with automated backup operations.

For SQL Server users the Workspace folder is not required but it is recommended this folder get created for use with future WMS feature enhancements.

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