Before Installing and/or setting up a new user WMS workstation you need to check the regional settings to ensure that they are set to English Australian standards. This will affect the way that dates and currencies are displayed and managed.

Detail Steps

1. Log in to the server as Datapel.

2. Open the Regional and Language Options by clicking Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options.

3. Drop down the list next to the Customise button and select “English (Australia)”.

4. Drop down the Location List and select Australia.

5. Click on the Languages Tab.

6. Press the “Details” button.

7. Select “English (Australia) – US” from the drop down list. If the list doesn’t contain this entry then press the “Add” button.

8. Select “English (Australia)” as the input language and “US” as the Keyboard layout. Press OK.

9. Select “English (Australia)” from the default input language dropdown list.

10. Press OK.

11. Click on the Advanced Tab.

12. Select “English (Australia)” from the drop down list.

13. Tick the check box at the bottom under the “Default user account settings”.

14. Press OK to this message.

15. Press OK to close the Regional Settings.

16. Ensure all users of the system are logged off the server and press “YES” to restart.

Related Information

1.User might experience issue pricing in sales/purchase order showing zero if their computer regional settings is other than Australia eng

2. if you have some type of services running (Breeze API) you should make sure default and local system users also has correct regional settings as below 

In order to check and change  go to control panel > regional settings > Administrative > Reserved accounts  tick below boxes. You may have to have restart the server after that.