This document explains a migration plan to upgrade SQL and move the database.

NOTE: After SQL server is installed, SSMS must be installed. Please always add authenticated users (Refer to Database Engine Configuration screenshot) and choose mix mode.

Installation Document

Detail Steps

Upgrading SQL or moving databases.

 Backup system.

  1. Install as per the Microsoft installation guide including settings from our document  SQL Settings.
  2. Ask all users to logout of WMS
  3. Backup WMS Database. Reference Backup Options
  4. Restore Database to New SQL Instance keeping the exact same database name.
  5. From the restored database remove the SQL user as per registry entry “Local Machine, Software, Datapel Systems, Connectivity – ServerUsername”
  6. Create SQL User as per the Fields “Local Machine, Software, Datapel Systems, Connectivity – ServerUsername and ServerPassword.
  7. Map the user to the restored database ticking all permissions except the deny permissions.
  8. Delete, Add and Map any other Windows Users that are required to have access to the software.
  9. Update/Add registry string (Local Machine, Software, Datapel Systems, Connectivity – ODBCDriver – SQL Server Native Client 11.0(For SQL Server 2012) or SQL Server Native Client 10.0(For SQL Server 2008 and 2008R2) No String required for 2005 editions).
  10. Update Registry String (Local Machine, Software, Datapel Systems, Connectivity – ServerIP = New SQL Server Name and instance if applicable.
  11. Test Software runs as administrator and as restricted users.
  12. Allow users back into the WMS software.
  13. Test WMS workflow, report and forms.
  14. Rename old database to identify it is no longer is use.
  15. Contact Datapel support if any issues.
Databases may be upgraded but not downgraded.

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