This document explains which services, security and options are required for SQL to run with the Datapel Software.

Detail Steps

When installing SQL there are a few settings to keep in mind, including;

SQL Instance Properties

Sql Server and Windows Authentication Mode

Allow remote connections

General Information

Install the SQL native client on each local PC

Install SQL backward compatibility on the SQL server installation machine

Configuration manager - surface area

Enable Client Protocols TCP/IP, named pipes and shared memory.

Enable Automatic option on Browser and SQL service

DB Properties


Recovery Model = Simple

Auto Close = False

Auto Create Statistics = True

Auto Shrink = False

Auto Update Statistics = True

Auto Update Statistics Asynchronously = True


Disabled or Port exception 1433


All Datapel Software Users or Group / Domain Users as required.

Related Information

Supported versions SQL Server Express and full versions 2005,2008,2008R2 and 2012.

Please review Microsoft help for installation guides.