It is important to setup the Datapel support user account as an administrator account.

Detail Steps

1. From the server management screen, click on Users on the left of the window.

2. Right click on the newly created Datapel user.

3. Select properties from the popup menu.

4. When the properties window appears, select the “Member of” tab.

5. Press Add button.

6. In the Object Names box enter “administrators”.

7. Press Check Names. If the name is now underlined then it is typed correctly.


If a second windows pops up then the name is mistype. Check the spelling and correct. Press check names again and the name should now underline. In the example below “Administrators” has been spelt incorrectly.

8. Press OK to close the Select Groups window.

9. Press OK to close the User Properties window.

10. Close the Server management window.

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