There are different workflows for manufacturing and assembly of goods. The WMS workflow is based on common Work Order procedures.

Detail Steps

As already outlined a Work Order is created, a component pick list allocated then retrieved, and finally the Work Order is built.

To keep your MYOB Premier accounting system in check with the process of manufacturing the component stock levels must be adjusted according to quantity of inventory consumed during the Work Order build activity.

To this end Built Work Orders must have consumed components “Signed Out” of Inventory. To manage the Cost of Goods an internal MYOB purchase order is created in your MYOB accounting system by the WMS. This PO will contain a list of the items consumed and respective serial/batch lot numbers for tracking purposes.

To create an internal purchase order a Built Work Order is selected from the Assembly Register and from the Actions menu choose Sign Out Components. A WMS As Built Purchase Order is created within your MYOB companyfile as shown below.

The “internal” purchase order must be APPROVED prior to the finished goods being available for sale. To signal approval the ORDER is simply converted to a Purchase Order BILL in MYOB.

Notice that the component items are REMOVED from stock (negative purchase) and the finished goods ADDED to stock.


By making Work Order details move through your MYOB accounting system actual As-Built costs can be monitored and component stock traced.

Stock reports can be completed using the location supplier as the Purchase Supplier. This can greatly assist with purchasing for companies that sell component stock directly and as components in AutoBuilds.


Work order component total value creates final product cost. Components use Average cost as set in WMS under Tools > Preferences > Replication

So component total value divided by component total quantity will create your final product cost.

Your BUILD component value can vary every day and MYOB calculates average price (forced to use WMS setting when sync to MYOB as set in Tools > Preferences > Replication Tab) once Build been imported from WMS.

Please note all costs calculated by MYOB.

For Build MYOB use WMS cost selection AVARAGE and for Sales MYOB use their own default selection also AVARAGE.

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