This step provides information on replicating your MYOB Company file.

Detail Steps

Once the MYOB Company is verified the WMS is ready to ‘Replicate”.

Replication is a critical operation and it is recommended the computer should NOT be interfered with and ALL MYOB Users be logged out while this operation is in progress.


Once an MYOB Company file is ready to replicate it is important to review the CLOSED item Purchase Bills.

On first synchronization the WMS will create an ITEM OPENING COUNT based on MYOB Stock on Hand. However, you can OVERRIDE this option by selecting a different Purge Date, allowing you to follow standard Receiving workflows for historic purchases.

All purchase details that exist in MYOB WILL NOT be replicated prior to the PURGE Date in the WMS, the purchase records will not be displayed in the WMS. The quantities of stock are recorded as OPENING COUNT.

Click Replicate… this operation can take between 5 – 10 minutes.

There are Nine Steps, each will describe its function. If necessary this operation can be cancelled by clicking the close button in the window control box.


Once initial setup is complete replicating information from MYOB can be done ON-DEMAND, the administrator can choose a routine that suits the business operation. It is recommended that at least ONE replication per day be completed.

Replication Incomplete

If after selecting Purchase order Purge date and selecting > Replicate system comes up with Error ''Unable to finish replicating MYOB Companyfile'' please check below:

1. Open Prefs.xml file and make sure ''Reconcile paid Invoices'' set to False for initial setup and retry replication.

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