Once Replication completes the Stock OnHand in MYOB and the stock physically warehoused needs to be recognised as Opening Stock in the WMS.

Detail Steps

All Stock OnHand is given the same Batch Reference Number, to apply serial numbers or other tracking information after initial replication, a corresponding purchase must be located to receive the Stock against or a Stock Check-In could be performed from the item register. In both cases a Stock Adjustment would need to be completed in the WMS to account for HISTORIC stock being tracked outside the OPENING COUNT.

The Status Reporter provides Datapel with a detailed log of all activity within the Database so any issues can be thoroughly dealt with.


Typically, stock is counted and ‘opened’ at the main warehouse even though it may exist in other locations. To correctly open counts, each location must do a stock take and after initial replication a single TRANSFER per LOCATION be created to reconcile each locations count.


In some cases not all stock needs to be batch or serial tracked. In this case you may decide to turn off this option. Batch Serial tracking can be enabled or disabled at anytime item by item.

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