The following support note describes how to export Item Price Level from MYOB and Import into WMS  for a bulk update

  • If you switch to WMS pricing and Price level all sell pricing from the MYOB file will be ignored. This includes price levels and quantity price breaks, customer price levels.

  • The customers Volume discount is still read from MYOB.

  • MYOB allows 6 price levels, WMS allows 26

  • The additional levels allow pricing to be set for each foreign currency or other pricing groups such as wholesale, distributor and Retail customers.

  • MYOB price level replication to WMS only works for Premier 19 
  • AR need to import or add manually in WMS

Detail Steps

Export price level from MYOB

1.Open your MYOB company file.

2.Go to the File menu and choose Import/Export Assistant. The Import and Export Assistant appears.

3.Select Export data then click Next

4.In the Export field, select Items from the drop-down list then click Next. The Format step appears.

5.Leave the default format options and click Next. The Select Fields step appears. The fields in the left panel are the fields you can export.

6.Select only fields below to be exported which is supported by WMS format. This will export all item information. The selected fields are added to the list of fields to be exported in the panel on the right.

         -Item Number

         -Selling Price

         -Sell UnitMeasure

         -Tax Code When Sold

        -Sell Price Inclusive

       -Quantity Break 1 –> Quantity Break 5

       - Price Level A, Qty Break 1 -> Price Level F, Qty Break F

7. Click Export. The Save As window appear

8. Specify where you want to save the file. To keep it simple, save the file to your desktop and leave the default file name (MYOBITEM.TXT).

9.Click Save.

10.Open the text file and remove {} > Save.

11.You can remove the items which you want to exclude from importing into WMS. Just copy all >paste in Excel > remove the item number by rows which you want to exclude. Then copy all and paste it in txt again.

Step2 : Import Price Entry into WMS

  1. Go to File, Import..., Pricing
  2. Select Import Prices
  3. Choose your file location and name and select open
  4. The file will import     

Before Import:-

After Import:-

Note: If there is an error you will be alerted and directed to the import log file found at;

C:\Program Files\Datapel Systems\Warehouse Management System\PLVImport.log or C:\Program Files (x86)\Datapel Systems\Warehouse Management System\PLVImport.log

The status reporter will also show the action taken an any price that has changed for future reference.

User management Setting:-

In default this is view only for all users. 

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