This article describes stock ordering overview.

Detail Steps

Stock can be ordered in the following ways :

Within WMS

  1. Special purchase order (for a particular customer Order) -  by right clicking on the sale in the WMS and selecting Create Purchase, this will open the WMS Purchase Order screen.
  2. Minimum stock order - Using the Purchase order screen in the WMS.


Within MYOB

  1. General ordering - Entering an order into MYOB and replicating.

Related Notes

  1. The WMS Replicates 7 Months worth of Purchases, once a purchase order is older than 7 months it is marked as closed. If you need to receive an order outside this period you may change the date in MYOB and replicate to recreate the purchase or use the check in function.
  2. The on order section in Item details window -> analyse -> On order is the un-received WMS amount. This figure will not include orders older than 7 months. 
  3. The analyse demand report and the analyse inventory report use the WMS on order quantity – only where the location card has been selected as the ship to card in the MYOB Purchase order.
  4. All orders in MYOB need to have the location card set as the ship to address for the data to show throughout the WMS or the purchase amount or the figure will be incorrect.
  5. If you open the purchase in MYOB select ship to another and select the location the stock will be received into, then save and replicate the data will be updated.
    *Do not change the address field after choosing the location card as this address field is read to make the match to receiving location.