This article explains how to resolve issue when Supplier foreign currency payment failed to send to MYOB.

Example: Unable to push over USD payments to MYOB

"Error - The action to send the selected payment to MYOB has failed."

Detail Steps

It is recommended that user discuss Preference changes with other staff members as it might affect other areas of WMS software.

Please consult with Datapel Support to review your multi-currency setup in Preferences and Prefs.xml file. 

  1. Login as "superuser" to WMS.
  2. Review WMS Tools> Preferences > Replication Tab if system is using MYOB multi-currency OR WMS multi-currency 
  3. Set Preference to "MYOB Foreign Currency"

WMS multi-currency ON - "WMS Foreign Currency"

Allows to create a transactions in any foreign currency against a card in the WMS but it will try to send to MYOB as AUD regardless.
This setting will fail in the classic MYOB versions if you have your card setup in MYOB as USD. In the new version of MYOB you can assign transactions of multiple currencies to one card so this would allow it to go through as AUD.

MYOB multi-currency ON - "MYOB Foreign Currency"

With MYOB multi-currency on, you can send the payment to MYOB as USD, etc.

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