This article explains how to apply Supplier payments in WMS.

Detail Steps

1. Go to Receiving register

2. Highlight Purchase Order

3. Right click > select drill to source

4. Go to Payments Tab or select 

5. Add Payment amount and method etc.

6. To send payment to MYOB select ''Send Payment to MYOB''.

Otherwise payment will be sent to MYOB with Bill or via next Maintenance replication.

6. Select ''Update Purchase order''

Additional settings:

  1. Go to Tools> Preferences> Purchases tab

      2. Tick 'Allow Multiple payment for Purchase Orders' which will apply the same to supplier payment.

      3. Tick 'Apply single payments to order on Billing' if wish to have single payment method for order.

      4. Click 'Record Preferences' to save and exit WMS, then re-login WMS again.

Payments for Backorder:-

Credit will be created on the account in MYOB and  once user ship the balance of the order , the accounts person should be able to apply the payment to the open myob order . It's a simple workflow and doesn't require an additional workflow.

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